Hi. I am an amateur cookie decorator, an avid cookie cutter collector, and a pretty good baker if I do say so myself. I wanted to start a blog to share what I have learned about decorating, recipes and all things cookie.

So how did I get to be Aunty Cookie? I am lucky enough to have some delightful relatives in Hawaii. One very sweet cousin started calling me Aunty Cookie when she first came to California to visit, and the name stuck. When she turned eight, she wrote to me and asked if I could make her ballerina cookies. Now ballerinas weren’t outside the realm of possibilities, but ballerinas that could go to Hawaii in one piece?

In looking at my ballerina cutters, I realized that they all had delicate arms or legs that would never survive the trip, so I was off on a hunt for a one piece traveling ballerina. I found the perfect one at kitchengifts.com. They have some great copper cutters.

So here is a picture of some of the ballerinas.

You know how when you are working on cookies, you have to let one section dry before you can do a nearby section. Well, I had done the faces, but not the hair, and looked at them and thought to myself that these look like breast cancer survivor ballerinas. Being a survivor myself, I was compelled to take the survivors picture as well!!

I mailed the cookies off for Sosefina’s eighth birthday and was thrilled that they arrived intact. I was even more thrilled to receive this thank you note from my lovely little ballerina cousin!